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On a demandé à un Machine Learning Engineer...23 septembre 2022

The interview process consists of 1 aptitide + 2 technical rounds (No HR round) Aptitude round - Total of 80 questions ( 78 + 2 coding ( medium-level )) First Technical Interview :- The interviewer was very friendly and asked some basic questions about python and machine learning and AI (regularization, dropout layers etc.) and some questions regarding my project Second Technical Interview :- This interview was more focused on my work that I had done in my internships. The interviewer also asked some questions on a machine learning case study and in the end asked some easy coding questions to solve


how would you design the data analysis pipeline?


Vragen over afgelopen projecten en beslissingen die je hebt genomen

Antioch USD

Didn’t get to the oral interview because my availability didn’t match their mandatory meeting time. The written test included situational questions, excel, Microsoft calendar, and behavioral questions.


Did not make it this far - canceled before interivew. However the study materials sent to me by the recruiter included basic comp sci/SE data structures and algorithms, that I would need to code in a scripting language during the tech screen. The resources were great, very comprehensive, but so much that it would be best to pare down to the essentials. I learned a lot from looking up what other successful candidates had done for their prep. AlgoExpert was my favorite resource, along with books like Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell and some popular textbooks.


Self intro and Some Questions


Draw a free body diagram of a moving car.


What was a difficult situation you have encountered and how did you overcome it?

PNC Financial Services Group

Where are you from and what was your major


Can you provide some time slots for next week so we can schedule the final interview?

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