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Bajaj Finance
On a demandé à un Learning and Development Manager...19 septembre 2019

Why do you want to join Bajaj even though you are in a very good profile right now?

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Radiate e - Services

Past experience and how it can help the organization

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stated examples on how things can be organized within the organization

I have 6 month experience in BPO sector.. good experience in customer care deal with customers queries n satisfied them.. Moins


What is it that interests you about Learning & Development?

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We can learn from anything and everything....

We can learn from anything and everything....

Education Pioneers

Have you had any diversity training?

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Why would you assume it's a weed out question? Either you have or haven't had diversity training. If you have, talk to it. If you haven't, say so and talk about what experience you do have and how you would leverage it. Is it a stretch to think that serious candidates need to show an interest or some experience in this area? Moins

Yes, I've worked in Newark and grew up in NYC. Seriously - I never heard of this, so my bad - but if this question is weeding out serious candidates I really have to wonder what the purpose of your organization is. Moins


What is your management style?

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Newport Hotel Group

Why are you interested in this job?

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Related my experience and career goals

Who recommended you and when can you start?

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A fiend and as soon as possible.

University Health Network

How do you solve problems?

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I work with the core members and meet, discuss opportunities so that these problems don't happen in the future. Create a solution! Moins


What was my experience in strategic planning for learning and development?

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I shared my specific experience but also my perspective on the strategic planning process in general. Moins

Marriott International

Tell us about a time you had an issue and how did you resolve it.

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Used STAR to answer and used a specific example.

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