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Bajaj Finance
On a demandé à un Learning and Development Manager...19 septembre 2019

Why do you want to join Bajaj even though you are in a very good profile right now?

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Radiate e - Services

Past experience and how it can help the organization

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stated examples on how things can be organized within the organization

I have 6 month experience in BPO sector.. good experience in customer care deal with customers queries n satisfied them.. Moins


What is your management style?

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What was my experience in strategic planning for learning and development?

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I shared my specific experience but also my perspective on the strategic planning process in general. Moins

Marriott International

Tell us about a time you had an issue and how did you resolve it.

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Used STAR to answer and used a specific example.

Darlington Building Society

How would you make risk and governance training engaging and interactive?

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I would use role-play scenarios and games to demonstrate potential desirable and undesirable outcomes, thus establishing the need for underpinning governance in the schema of the learner. Moins

Westpac Group

What is a project I am really proud of. I didn't alternate my answers and repeated the same example.

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I should have been more prepared for the interview. Was having a bad day at the time and didn't perform as well as I could Moins


I don't recall, but a lot of behavior-based q's.

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I'm not sure, but I answered as best as I could.

Blue Apron

It's been a few months, I do not recall specific questions, but I can say the were either not challenging, or totally unrelated to the position. For example, I was asked to privately meet with a product, who proceeded to quiz me on product design, theory and practices.

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For the questions that were completely unrelated to the position or my background, I really had no choice but to answer questions with questions. Think of it this way- you wouldn't expect a lawyer to successfully interview for a brain surgeons position. Make sense? With that being said, they still continued with my candidacy. If this was just a tactic they employ, I completely disagree with it. It discourages candidates and makes it seem like Blue Apron doesn't know what they are doing. Moins

Vail Resorts

They asked me about how I use data to determine the success of a learning solution.

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I said I apply a user-centric approach. So I look at the quantitative data but combine that with qualitative data where I speak to the people who will be the recipient of the learning. Moins

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