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On a demandé à un Lead Cook...21 octobre 2017

How many years of experience did i have and how long have i cooked in the restaurant business.

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I'v been in the cooking business for about 42 years

Why am I looking

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Wanted to have a more flexible schedule

Taco Cabana

why do you want to work for taco cabana?

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Because I feel like it would be a great/fun job to work at while I was going to school. Moins

How many years you been in this business

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17 years

Red Hawk Casino

Why I wanted to work at Red Hawk

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Growth potential, reverse commute

The Rec Room

Internal temperature of cooked meats

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Gave correct numbers

American Cruise Lines

My outlook of my career with in next five years.

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Hopefully climbing the ladder of success with American cruise lines. And eventually retiring with the company. Moins


Did I know how to handle stressful situations.

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Yes, I just keep my mind on my job and do what needs to be done.

Brookdale Senior Living

usual questions ... How much experience do u have ? Will you complete the job you are hired to do to the best of your ability ? Why do you like working with the elderly ? What are you passionate about ?

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10 years of experience I love to cook and make home cooked meals . Yes I work hard and definitely give 100 percent with all tasks at hand ! I love people I have a passion to help anyone in need and most of the residents need help in one way or another so I love to do what ever I can to help them . I'm passionate about pleasing others and making someone's day just a little bit better with a smile or doing something kind ! I'm passionate about what my plates look like and presentation ! I'm passionate about doing my job ! Moins

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