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Henry Ford Community College
On a demandé à un Lead Carpenter and Painter...21 mars 2015

Can you work with students with absolutely know experience or knowledge of construction and paint?

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KDC Construction

Can I travel for work was tough for me as I just got Married .

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I said I could but after 3 years it wore me out .

what would happen if we laid you off this year?

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I would go back to college and re-educate myself.

EBRR Design Build Maintain

They should have asked if I was willing to work for free

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I would have said no and been done with these scammers


"Do you know what level 5 sheet rock finish is?" This is a yes or no question. It does little to assess the skill set or competence of the applicant. Perhaps "How do you get to level five on an eight hour job?" is more relevant.

Gleeson Constructors & Engineers

They asked about previous work experience and if I could pass a drug test.

Are you looking for long term employment.

A.S.I. Construction

basically wanted to know about me, family, where I worked

ABC da Construção S.A.

How old are you

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