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Greenhatch Group
On a demandé à un Land Surveyor...22 avril 2011

Are you happy working outside even in the cold and rain

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I am also working outside. Cold is not problem if rain then instrument ( GPS, TS) problem. Is OK for me Moins

Who you have experience in surveyor

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I have 5 years experience in surveyor.

Environment Agency

Competency based interview

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What do you think of the experience he had that can add even more the company and the proposed work?

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In addition to developing some management activities of field staff and data processing staff, took care of the training of both teams, processed the data also performed field work (when necessary), helped other departments and teams with needs that my knowledge they could be used. Moins

What equipment used?

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Used Total Station Robotic Leica (the series Leica Viva TS15 and Leica TPC 1200), automatic level (Leica Sprinter and Leica DNA), developing spreadsheets for processing datos and customers to report presentations showing the movement of the structure and the comparison with design limits. Moins

Transport for London

Mixed of Technical and personal questions, friendly approach.

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Naturally, just be honest


I was asked technical and personal questions.

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I suppose very well because even I had apply for a Land Survey position they hired me as Chief Surveyor. Moins

Apex Energy Solutions

Do you know how to use a gun?

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Greenhatch Group

Can you work away when required

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Which Colours are in the logo?

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Yellow and blue

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