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On a demandé à un Laboratory/Operations Technician...3 février 2015

What is Chromatography? Mass Spectrometry?

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You should know this stuff if you're applying for the position. Chromatography separates the sample into it's components based on some property like polarity, size, or chirality of the components. Mass Spec energizes the eluting compounds through electron impact at 70eV, and those compounds will fragment upon relaxation, and each of those fragments has a mass and a charge associated with it, the spectrum of fragments based on the ratio of mass to charge is analyzed by comparing relative abundance of each fragment size. Moins

If you don't mind me asking, what position did you apply for?

Redwood Toxicology Laboratory

So how would you analyze a....<insert sample>?

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I would do a solvent extraction, purify it through a column, and run on an HPLC.

None. Tell us about yourself and why you want to work here.

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If you want the job tell them how great the company is

To name the responsibilities of a laboratory personal in HIV testing process carried out by nurses and midwives

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I mentioned things like Carrying QC on the test stripes before they use them. Placing order for the supply of the test kits, even overseeing the testing process Moins


What are GLP and GMP?

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good laboratory practice and good manufacturing practices both are most important thing in industry. Moins

Irvine Pharmaceutical Services

How do you plan to work and be successful in this demanding environment?

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I plan to be successful in my career by not working for such a terrible company like yours. Moins

South African National Blood Service

My qualifications and past experience Technical questions related to job requirements

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Eleborated on skills, qualifications and goals Understand what the company does

QualTex Laboratories

What is one of your weaknesses?

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It was a question about one of my negative traits

Activation Laboratories

Tell me your previous stories.

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just tell her my university life, travel, and something.


tell me about a time you made a mistake

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what do you know about the company

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