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NYU Langone Health
On a demandé à un Laboratory Animal Technician...22 janvier 2018

Prior experience in the field of animal care?

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What do you know about working in a lab with animals?

I have no prior experience with Lab work. However, I have a drive that pushes me to learn new task and skills to empower myself personally and professionally. I have well over 7 years working and volunteering in the animal field. This experience does include medical handling and minor medical procedures Moins

Stowers Institute For Medical Research

How do you handle conflict with co workers?

Stowers Institute For Medical Research

Questions weren't the problem. Oversight of compliance was a bit harsh and often rude going behind my back to speak to supervision rather than bringing the issue directly to me. Definitely a case of the have and have not's.

University of Washington

How can we achieve a win-win situation?

Piper Companies

Asked mostly about lab experience (e.g., familiarity, experiments, reports, etc.) Confirmed my educational info, asked what I've been doing since graduation, if I have any other job opportunities lined up, salary expectations

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