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why you choose AGAT

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Because the shift work may be good for me (I want to study part-time)

There were no difficult or unexpected questions for this interview as its purpose was to gauge the fit with the company.

Cant recall any specific questions being asked, other than basic prompts to elaborate while I explained my previous education and experience.

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What interests you most about the position? If you had to confront a co-worker about something they did wrong and you know they easily get upset/angry how would you handle the situation? If a co-worker gave you an unlabeled tube and asked you to but a label on it (and you did not draw the blood) what would you do (what if that person was the supervisor)? What would you do if it was first thing in the morning and there is long line of customers, the computers are down and you got a call saying a co-worker is calling in sick? What type of risks/hazards are associated with this position. Describe the ideal place to work?

How would you handle an unhappy customer?

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In which order should these be analysed: carbohydrates, volatiles, inorganics, semi-volatiles

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No question stood out - they were the basic interview questions that you're encouraged to prepare for when interviewing.

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