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On a demandé à un KYC Analyst...6 juillet 2019

What can you contribute to our company

3 réponses

Turn a weakness into a strength

Solid loyalty and determination for all of my clients

Solid loyalty and ethical determination to the client base of the company


why did you leave your current organisation

2 réponses

Due to some family reasons

Career growth


There were 2 rounds conducted 1)HR Round -Basically checks your communication and also check if you have gap in your education and in your carrer also asks a bit on kyc . 2) Operational /Manager round - ur previous experience in kyc and over all questions like ubos . Risk rating etc.

2 réponses

In a proper way.first explained about my previous company and the work flow we used to flow and then came on each points Moins

I got offer from them on contract basis do they hire on company payroll after contract duration. Moins

J.P. Morgan

Why should we choose you for the position

2 réponses

There is no one like me.

no talent but Motivated, perseverance and learning ability, maybe you will need it Moins


What is KYC?

2 réponses

KYC means Know your customer

Know your client

Development Credit Bank Limited

About the process I worked for

1 réponses

Have clarity


Tell me a time you overid a decision made my senior management ?

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What is your understanding of a bearer?

Société Générale

General questions, not technical. What do you know about KYC?

1 réponses

some common sense, like due diligence


question asked by hiring managers would be more on the process part of KYC

1 réponses

Candidate should be aware of all KYC norms

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Tell me about your background in the area, asked about products and services, compliance questions?

1 réponses

I answered all of their questions.

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