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Ken's Foods
On a demandé à Kitchen Staff...15 juin 2018

Are you able to work weekends?

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Yes. I am working everyday even day off and holiday.

Yes, even holidays


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Buffalo Wild Wings

Tell me about a time when you had an issue with management and how did you handle the situation?

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I've never really had a problem with my previous management team before, but if i did ever have a problem, like if i were uncomfortable doing something that they told me to do. i would tell them i felt that why Moins

The only problems I have or had with Mang in the past is I work hard fast and im loud so everyone thinks im on something or just a problem person,but no,I belive U haft to B see and heard in life in order to do or go anywhere Moins

I never had an issue with management because I never worked and I want to work

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Moxie’s Grill & Bar

Years of experience, previous work place

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None Worked at zimstat as an enumatator

Working in the hospital industry is what I enjoy doing.

I have been cooking over 20 years .

Burger King

Random question such as: 1-have you worked in kitchen? 2-are you brave enough to deal with issues or bad customers?

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2.Follow L.A.S.T/C.A.R.E both way



J D Wetherspoon

Why do you want to work for Wetherspoons?

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Getting job in this company will also help me to improve my skills and boost up my confidence. Moins

Getting an opportunity to learn in this company will also help me to improve my skills, handling all type of situation even in worst condition and also boost up my confidence level as I will get a chance to be in between well experienced members of this company. Moins

The obvious answer is because it is one of the oldest running pubs and hotel s in the UK and has become a brand tag as well. I know that I will have a lot to learn here with the other great members of this family. Becoming a member of this company will also built up my future. Moins

Chicago Connection

Are you religious

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I use to be but I have decided I don't fit into a religion

Waitstaff lol

Shift managers who eat free food and completely give your product away by the way to make themselves feel like they own the place Moins

Mellow Mushroom

What is my favorite sports team

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Why would you want to work for Chick-fil-A?

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I had a similar experience. They haven't called me back since the interview. They act like they did a favor by interviewing you. Moins

Because I feel the experience would be benifical for the company as well as my self and it seems like a very positive atmosphere Moins

J D Wetherspoon

What is your best quality?

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I believe in my self and do not get nervous and try to sort out the problem if occurs in any case. Moins

I always keep a smile on my face and take all the circumstances positively.


If you had a reliable way to work

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I didn't think you could ask about that

I said yes I have a vehicle

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