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On a demandé à Kitchen Manager...19 mai 2022

Basic background work history questions, which are from a set list of questions for corporate purposes. If your experienced and have a genuine love for what you do job wise, should be a easier experience.


how are you and where do you live

Cactus Club Cafe

What does 5 years down the road look like for you?

Cactus Club Cafe

What is the largest team you've managed?

JOEY Restaurants

What are greatest strengths and weaknesses?

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I was honest


Q: Why do you want to work here?

Greene King

How would you build a strong team.


name a good customer care experience you have received recently.

Describe a situation where you had to handle with n angry customer

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I gave her a vivid example from my previous job

Old Spaghetti Factory

What kind of experience do you have with systems in place?

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The job I have now has their own specialized systems in place

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