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Red Robin
On a demandé à Kitchen Manager...7 septembre 2017

What was my experience level in managing kitchen employees and if I was bilingual.

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Yes i am managing in the kitchen

I told her I have 5 to 6 years of Kitchen management experience and I am able to communicate in Spanish enough to be understood in a kitchen setting. Moins

TGI Fridays

What is your experience?

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I work for TGI Fridays it's a corporate Restaurant at south beach location 0577 it's closed down for and I have over 15 years of kitchens experience Moins

I worked for TGI Fridays years ago in Memphis, TN. I started as a server, then bartender, then shiftleader/trainer. My evolving 30 years in the restaurant industry covers kitchen mgr, bar manager to training General Manager. I have experience working catering, buffet, and fast food. I have new store opening experience and operating a multiple concept in 2 locations. Moins

Mitchells & Butlers

How would I manage staff?

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Lead by examples, pat on the shoulder, consider their personal circumstances, employ of the month scheme, training, encouraging etc Moins

I need to lead first to our staff and I need make any understanding we need good relation when we are work together and make good positions and positive things etc Moins

The Cheesecake Factory

how do you calculate food cost

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Very simple formula: Food cost = begining inventory+purchase- ending inventory/ food much as the food sale is high your food cost will be low. Moins

food cost is calculated by dividing the food waste dollars into the food sales

Four Seasons

How long one day working hour and one week dayoff one day?

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Can I work you company

Becoz of this is depend on busy or no busy and day off we are make fun

On a scale from 1-10. 10 being the most honest, how honest would you consider yourself.

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LOL! I completely over analyze these types of questions and never know how I should answer. Moins

Golden Corral

Which military General I would consider to be me?

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Dwight Eisenhower

Oakwood Resort

He asked me if I was telling him the truth?

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I asked him why would I lie?

Odyssey Cruises

Who was my favorite super hero. I thought that was very strange and very odd.

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With sincerity and full focus of what they was asking.

Lassens Natural Foods

Andrew Lassen (one of the owners five sons) Had asked me why he should want to hire me and then said "well if we like you we may keep you as long as we need".

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I said I'm extremely efficient and have incredible quality customer service skills and leadership experience. Moins

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