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What were the challenges you faced both inside and outside the company that you were working for (meaning, challenges faced with clients and with your own team)

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Explained about how the challenges met both in and out were overcame through tenacity and keeping a clear head.

what book are you reading?

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the memory and logical task... you have to remember where the dot appeared in the screen and in which order in sequences like 5 or six...they appear for 1 or 2 seconds and in between every dot they give you another task like adding and subtracting or analyzing mirrored or rotated images..

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this shows up: I sometimes deliver my tasks late. and you have to answer with a scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

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Lot of situational behavioral questions. Tell me a time (conflict resolution, project management, time management, customer service etc)

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Behavioral and technical interviews were asked across the 5 interviews. Some of the questions are mentioned below: 1) Give a brief introduction about the company. 2) Why do you want to join Ventura Foods 3) Why did you leave your previous organization 4) Describe a situation wherein you dealt with ambiguity at workplace 5) How did you deal with a coworker who disliked you in your previous role 6) Mention the biggest achievement in your previous role 7) Mention the KPIs in previous role 8) Describe a situation where you made a mistake in your previous role 9) How did you deal with conflicts within the organization and with customers 10) Mention an achievement not mentioned on the resume 11) Mention some of the challenges faced by the foodservice industry currently

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Give an example of a time you had conflict at your work & what did you do

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