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On a demandé à Junior Java Developer...10 janvier 2018

attributes of <tr> tag

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please let me know if anyone got Job

36. If you get call then follow this interview experience

please let me know if any one get offer after 3rd Round .

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tell me about yourself

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there will be three programming questions,first one was displaying the particular array element whose index will be given input,but we need to use exceptional handling. the second question was finding repeated letter in a given word along with its count, and the third one was extracting string within given xml tags,ex:<div>hai</div> your output should be hai. Moins

Round 2 contains two coding questions and 10 mcqs. Mcqs based on core subjects of computer science and those two coding questions will be of level 3 - level 4 in difficulty . implementing the interfaces using inheritance , or sorting some data with some constraints , collections , algorithms implementation like shortest path , merge sort techniques etc . Moins

Hello, can you tell what type of questions they asked in 2nd coding round?

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implement the dynamic polymorphism

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Could you please answer me .what are the 2 coding questions you were asked in the round 2 so that we have an idea of what kind of questions they were expecting ? Hope a reply from you.Thank You Moins

Is it the same type of questions asked as he mentioned? or different set of questions. Is it through epam test portal? Moins

Already they have sent the mail's for second round for some people. Tommorow they have second round with following others rounds Moins

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Pratian Technologies

write a program to print the given series (user need to enter the nth series number from keyboard) 2,3,5,11,23,29,41,53,83,89 .....n

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Answer is in java :100% correct public class ProgramDemo { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Enter the value :"); Scanner read = new Scanner(; int number = read.nextInt(); for(int i=2;i&lt;=number;i++){ if(Prime(i)){ if(Prime(2*i+1)){ System.out.print(" "+i); } } } } static boolean Prime(int a) { int temp, c; for (c = 2; c &lt;= a - 1; c++) { temp = a % c; if (temp == 0) { return false; } } if (c == a) { return true; } return false; } } I Hope its helpful for you :) Plese give me one like for it .... Moins

Excellent bro

import java.util.Scanner; public class HelloJava { public static void main(String args[]) { int i,flag=0; for( int x = 2 ;x&lt;100 ;x++) { flag=0; for(i=2;i&lt;=x-1;i++) { if(x%i==0) { flag = 1; break; } } if(flag==0) { for( i = 2; i Moins

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Any five html empty tags (last round)

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10 Jan

You got the offer?

No .. dont know result .. My actually final round was not good enough

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question mostly about output prediction of java code

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Was it only for profound students

How many were shortlisted for the next round..??

I have attended third round. That was horrible

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In Round 1, Questions were like merge two Strings in alternating manner, one question on pattern matching of 50 marks.

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In second round there is only mcqs section or both mcqs and coding?

Can you please tell what qs they asked in the second round. I have the second round soon. It will help a lot. Moins

what type of questions will be asked in second round?

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Techport Thirteen

1. You are given x amount of balls, all but two are red, all but two are green, all but two are blue. How many balls do you have? 2. Why are manhole covers circular? 3. There are x amount of balls in a bag, 8 are red, 4 are green, 4 are blue. You are blind folded. What is the least amount of balls you have to pull out of the bag to be 100% sure you have 1 of every color.

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or for 2 it could be because a heavy round object is easier for one person to handle and move (roll) ... a circle can not fit fall through a circle..WTF.. neither can a square, rectable, trapezoid, or any other shapae that would sit on a shelf of sorts which is what the manhole does. Moins

Circular covers don't need to be rotated or precisely aligned when placing them on the opening. A round manhole cover is easily moved and rolled. Moins

I would argue that manhole COVERS are round because the manhole is round.

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Charles Schwab

Do you need sponsorship for this position?

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Insight Global

Implement a method to determine whether a string is a palindrome.

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Take a string as function parameter. Copy this str value into a new var, then use .reverse() thereupon. Compare the reversed copy back against original string using turnery operator to set resVariable to "true" : "false". Return resVariable. Moins

(Using .split(""), as well as .join(""))

const palindrome = (str) =&gt; str == str.reversed() palindrome('hello') // false palindrome('eve') // true Moins

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