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D.R. Horton
On a demandé à Junior Sales Representative...27 mai 2020

Explain past sales experience

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Talked about strategies learned and used

20 yrs. Experience in mortgage loan origination for building home loans existing homes land loans etc... Moins

Very upbeat positive exstensive knowledge of the home building process . Fantastic people and problem solving skills Moins

Evolved Marketing Group

How do you feel working door-to-door?

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They don't outwardly ask you this, but it turns out to be that the first few weeks or months would be 100% compensation, so if you don't make a sale, then you aren't getting paid. Moins

OVIO Business Solutions

What is social intelligence? What makes a good leader? Do I think I can lead people?

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Social intelligence is the ability to communicate with different people, and figure out what they find pleasant and what unpleasant. The ability to understand people and their needs. Yes, I have done it before. (then some examples from my resume) Moins


Why Backbase?

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A lot of opportunities, challenging, fast-changing environment, interesting people. Moins

D.R. Horton

Why do you want this position?

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Where do you want to be in 5 years?


How would you close a sale?

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What is the difference between Tripadvisor and Trivago?

Hawkes Learning

What do your parents do for work?

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What was your ACT score?


They asked me something that would surprise them.

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I said something that surprised them


Why do you want to leave yoour current job? (I was asked this question in all of the interviews amazingly). What is your biggest weakness? Tell me about a complex problem which you solved from end-to-end How should Revolut increase its profit margins? Why was the payback period of aquisitions through a recent promotional campaign significantly less than expected? I would say the questions were some of the hardest I have ever encountered, I cant remember them all anymore.

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The interviewers wanted to find out how analytical my thinking is and whether or not I have that logical scientific method behind my decision making ability. They will really drill into the details of your answers and try to build the problem in their minds using data points you provide. I'd advise being thoroughly prepared with the case stories from your past. Moins


What do you think Carahsoft does?

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Distributor in the Government It Software field.

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