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State Street Global Advisors
On a demandé à un Junior Portfolio Manager...8 septembre 2010

Are bond prices affected more by a yield change at high or low yields?

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this is referring to bond duration which is its sensitivity to change in price over change in yield. Bond prices are affected more by a yield change at lower yields. Moins

actually duration is more sensitive at lower yields than at higher yields. So the initial answer is correct Moins

Classic ssga interview question. Funny thing is most of the people on the fixed income desk couldn't answer it correctly Moins

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BSW Wealth Partners

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Working for a company that is still in business. Not sure they will be able to say the same. Moins

BNP Paribas

Tell me about yourself

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We spoke about a lot of aspects of my life, not only my professional experience but also personal. The interviewer was really interested to know about the reasons that took me to do so many different extracurricular activities, as well as other things. (volunteering, traveling, chess, language courses,...) Moins

State Street Global Advisors

What does the price/ yield curve look like for a bond with embedded options?

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A normal bond yield curve is a downward sloping curve. As rates rise (x-axis), the price falls (y-axis). Its not a straight line due to convexity which means the price change is greater for a given change in yields when yields are low than when yields are high. In contrast if you have a callable bond, you basically have a bond plus a short call option. The issuer can exercise the call if yields fall to the point where the bond price is greater than par at the call date. This means the price is capped. From the standard yield curve, this means the curve flattens horizontally at the low yield end. A putable bond is a bond with an embedded long put option. This means if yields rise sufficiently, the bond holder can exercise the option and sell the bond back to the issuer at par. From the standard yield curve graph, this means there's a price floor starting at a sufficiently high yield so the curve flattens horizontally at that end. Moins


Why IQEQ? What are your plans/goals for the future?

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I want to work in the fund industry. Become a manager.


The investment comitee suggests to stop buying chinese bonds because the country does not respect ESG rules. Based on your knowledge and the PDF provided, explain pro/cons of this decision.


Tell about a time when you had to stretch out yourself.


Por qué sentis que serías un buen match para el puesto?

Florida Department of Revenue

What was the biggest challenge that you've had to overcome? What are some specific excel skills that you've had to utilize? What is an example of some securities?

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