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Topps Company
On a demandé à Junior Graphic Designer...16 octobre 2017

Describe yourself in one word.

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Self starter



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Topps Company

Describe times you worked under tight deadlines and how you overcame.

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When deadline had had to be met a well organized checklist must be done, timeline estimate based on past projects Moins

Back when I served in the army, sleep/food/family was always second to completing the deadlines of the mission, no room to cave in when tight situations arise when lives are on the line Moins


What challenge were you given by a client, and how did you solve it?

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When I was a freelance illustrator/ graphic designer, I was approached by a client to draw a woman in a suit of armor. That was a huge challenge for me, for not only am I not acquainted with how to draw armor, I also do not know how it works. I solved this major challenge of researching painting techniques and many hours of practice. Moins

Was the interview more formal or informal?

The T-Shirt Factory (UK)

I was asked to show my portfolio, about brochure design, web design, some video/animation work experience if I had any.

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I talked through all of this.

What is your experience?

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Hi, Brother I am work with Dubai for 3 Years, and 2 Years work with India.


Was müssten wir tun um Sie nach einer Woche bei uns wieder zu vergraulen?

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Arbeitszeiten über 10 Stunden am Tag.


How can you see yourself in the HIPPEAS family?

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My natural design style is very similar to that of HIPPEAS and I find the brand enchanting and adorable. Moins

Grip Limited

Tell me about your experience?

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I talked through my work via a presentation and discussed my background and skills Moins

Do you have motion graphic experience?

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No, I didn’t have experience in motion graphics.


What does your mom do?

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Take a good guess and I won't tell you even if you are right.

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