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Reval Analytics
On a demandé à un Junior Equity Research Analyst...1 mars 2014

Relation of cement sector companies profitability with the fall of INR.

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Import of coal ...fuel...cost more.

depends on exim policy as well

CI Capital

what are the value drivers of company XYZ

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I went on describing them

Quintessence Business Solutions & Services

how to analyse a company within 2 min.

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first see cash flow statement wether it is positive or negative and then go to profit and loss statement and after check balance sheet of the company. check ratios like gross profit ratio, net profit ratio, debt ratio, interest coverage ratio, Moins

Bank of America

Pitch me a stock

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I gave them a buy rating on a stock and backed it up with valutation etc.


Tell me about yourself; i got a meeting in 30 minutes

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My interviewer didnt care. Seemed like somebody already had been picked for the call. Moins

Reval Analytics

To build a financial model!

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I was given two days time.

Why this company?

What is your long term and short term goal?

Are you willing to relocate?

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