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Which candidate do you think should be brought back for a second interview?

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Honestly the best part of this question was seeing how gender bias works in assessing the competence of different candidates. A woman and a man could give very similar answers and the woman could have more education, but the man would be viewed as more competent. Just very interesting.

What was the dress code?

This sounds like such an awful question to ask of someone in an interview. I would cringe if asked this.

What is the difference between Access Request and Incident

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What do you know about Newcomp Analytics?

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Describe the time you had to explain some technical thing to a non technical person.

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Please describe your process to analyzing customers at your firm.

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Nothing really difficult.

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How to you think 4 weeks 8am to 9PM works for you? We paid you fix fees per week.

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Who are you? Tell us about yourself.

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