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On a demandé à un Journeyman Plumber...21 décembre 2016

Do you have a current plumbing license

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Dynamic Systems-Texas

Do you have a referral?

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Shafer Services

How did u start plumbing.

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With previous experience

Tulane University

would I work for $15 an hour. what would it take for me to accept the job offer.

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No I'm a Journeyman plumber. I've been doing this 15 plus years. I wish the money was there because I was really wanted the job. Moins

Dreamstyle Remodeling

Asked me, how did I make an unhappy customer happy?

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I told a story about a family that didn't understand the scope of work and how I explained it so the customer understood. Moins

The Gentlemen Plumbers

What salary are you expecting

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my salary is 3000$

20/20 Plumbing & Heating

The person ask a lot of valid questions and like the answers overall good interview process

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I think I answered the questions correctly because they offered me a position

Charles River Laboratories

Long term goal. What are your expectations.

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I want this to be my last job. Look to retire from this company.

Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup

To buy a work van within certain criteria.

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