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On a demandé à un Broadcast Journalist...20 mai 2016

Based on your knowledge of this role, and the job description, how do you think your skills make you the right person for the job?

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I have been working in the print and Electronices media since long time.I have experience about news .feature.story.I have Training for media work. Another I have worked in the Voice of America as a Correspondent. Moins

I have been working in the print and Electronices media since long time.I have experience about news .feature.story.I have Training for media work. Another I have worked in the Voice of America as a Correspondent. Moins

Yes .I have idea and Experience about this. I can do it.

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1. Why do you think BTS earned global popularity? 2. Why do you think Bong Joonho's movie Parasite earned global popularity? 3. What kind of ideology and social awareness would you like to write about if you can write lyrics for BTS?

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Compositora y cantante tengo unas canciones que yo compuse si les interesa

1. Because of their hard work. If you look closer, BTS's songs are just different from others. All of the members even participate to made an album. Their lyrics are so relateable that makes people can feel it. Also the performance are so amazing, their singing, dancing and face expression make the audience drop their jaws. Also their staff are so great, by just look at them, we can feel how care are the staffs to the artists. And of course, because of their love to their fans, ARMY. 2. The story of the movie is kind of unique. The plot in the movie is unpredictable, and the feel when watching the movie is thrilling. 3. A lot of people are not accept themselves. Always comparing to others, hate themselves, disappoint, feel not enough, and that makes they want to end their live. I just want people to know how live valueable live is. Think about the smallest thing. For example, the sun is waiting for you tomorrow, the wind, your bed is waiting for you to sleep, don't forget about ramen you have at home. I want people to understand even the smallest thing that brings you happiness is important. Try to thank yourself, maybe by saying "You've work hard. For my future self, maybe now i'm a bit disappointing, but i'll fix it. For now,, maybe i'm not the one who i want to be, but i'll do my best to become someone who i want to be." It's an amazing thing that you are still here. Even if it's hard, it'll not going through the end unless you end it. When you feel like you want to die so badly, try to think the same way, but to alive. Live your live. Moins

Nexstar Media Group

Are you comfortable talking to people?

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The E.W. Scripps Company

-How do you find stories. -What do you think is going too be the most difficult part of staring here. -What are the steps you take in your editing process.

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-By immersing myself in the community, -Getting the community to trust me. -Go through my b-roll, cut my interview, write for my tracking, place my b-roll, record my tracking, add extra natural sound to add depth to my story. Moins

I am a natural born Go getter, investigating detective who is not a word of mouth person but a person who is where the action is going! If something is going on I’m there so I don’t have any problem with getting the scoop especially when I’m there for the scoop! My biggest challenge, and probably the most difficult is going to be the ability to answer every request. Every question thats resqusted is going to be answered in the short period of time given the steps that I take as far as editing I write down all the facts and instead of eliminating facts I kind of bundle it up to get to the point whatever’s left in the word mix is left! Moins

Education, previous employment, reason for choosing journalism, future career plan

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I was asked to write about the most important news in the past 24 hours in business, policy and sport. Moins

ESI Media

What was a piece you saw/read today, and how would you improve it?

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I suggested improvements to a video I viewed.

News Link

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

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I don't remember. I was too surprised anyone would ask such a useless question.


Not telling

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About the knowledge of European affairs and public figures.

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Singapore Press

Are you alright with irregular work timing?

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Yes, I expected that.

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