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Moa International
On a demandé à un Jewelry Designer...30 mai 2013

What's the important thing in your career?

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Possibility of development

The most consistent question was aking if I can handle repairs as well as designing. these two departments are always separated.

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I so noted that I haven't done repairs in a while and would need a breaking period to refresh. Moins

Herff Jones

Why are you leaving your current job?

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Seeking more creative content

David Yurman

What position are you looking for? Full time or Internship?

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I got an offer but did not accept yet. They were asking me if I could work at their factory and not remotely. They ask me my salary expectation.

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I said I could work there no problem. I mentioned the previous offers I had for salary. Moins

House of Garrard

How many years of experience I have?

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I had 8 years of experience.

Ana Luisa

What process in jewelry design do you enjoy the most?

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Initial ideation and sketching.

Brighton Collectibles

How do you feel about the pressure all designers have to stay on top of trends?

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very strange to be asked that and made me questions the interviewer.

Did I feel comfortable using Illustrator

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Yes I did feel comfortable


What was Cleopatra's husband's name.

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Marc Anthony

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