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I was not asked any interview questions AT ALL. The interviewer sat me down and just gave me a brief of the role in 10 minutes flat which make it sound like a minimum wage body-shop to be honest. Probably the reason why I wasnt given any details on the phone. She then asked me to think about it and let her know if I wanted to join them as she was fine with "trying me out".

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Although I needed the job, the fact that the interviewer called me all the way on one of the first bad snow days of this winter just to give me information in 10 mins that she could have on the phone and not even take a proper interview made me think I wouldnt be valued much as an employee and I did not go back.

They asked what a PMO does, and what technical languages I could name, what is a database.

It was supposed to be an informatory call, which turned into an interview

Mostly about my previous experience

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How would you describe IT professionals? very tricky and sensitive question in my opinion.

Why you would be successful in the role? What skills you can bring to the table? How do you work for

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