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Edelman Financial Engines
On a demandé à un Investment Advisor Representative...4 avril 2017

Was compensation adequate?

3 réponses

It was consistent with the market so my decision was more about the job and duties. Moins

How long did it take for offer after your onsite?

A week later I got a call with the offer but there were unique circumstances involved. I think normally it would have been at least a couple of weeks or more Moins

Edward Jones

Need 25 contacts a day. How many doors do you need to knock on?

2 réponses

more than 25 but as many as possible



I want you to sell me this phone (as the interviewer reaches in his pocket as pulls out his cellphone).

2 réponses

Sweat - the job is soft sales at best. I fumbled around for about 10 minutes trying to sell a new phone or plan by asking questions about his current phone, current plan, what he would be looking for in his next cellphone, and then making up an imaginary cellphone and plan offer. Moins

Grab his phone and tell him he needs to contact his family and tell them he's running late Moins


Why would I be a good candidate for the company?

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I'm a self motivated go getter that can act and function independently if I have to Moins


How do I currently acquire clients.

1 réponses

social media


what's the different between service and goods

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Goods are tangible, whereas services are intangible.


What single factor affects the stock market?

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The economy. The availability of money. The willingness and availability of residual income to spend/save/invest. Moins


Stock trading questions and generally finance background experience

1 réponses

Have a few ideas about the trading platform features and my background experience Moins

American Century Investments

What are the four P's at American Century and what do they stand for?

1 réponses

I looked up the four P's prior to the interview

TD Direct Investing International

- Does a buyer get the bid/ask price?

1 réponses

The buyer purchases at the ask price - that's what stock sells at and will be the higher of the two numbers. Moins

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