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Why do you have a C in acgt?

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Cuz its boring as hell!

How do you even get an interview with a C in accounting?

There are 9 identical balls but one weighs slightly more. You have a scale. What is the most efficient way to figure out which ball weighs more (requires the lowest number of expected readings).

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How does valuation of a company change if you own 80% of the company vs 20%.

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What happens to a company's enterprise value when it issues new shares and pays out those proceeds as dividends?

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9 balls in total and an old fashion scale. 1 of the 9 weighs more than the other. how do u find out which is the off ball

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Why NewPoint?

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How do you value a company?

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Run me through a DCF

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Walk me through the basic structure of a discounted cash flow model.

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