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The face to face assignment. You have 30 minutes and you are expect to know above 80% of the test in order to pass.

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Know what predicated offence are. Basically the criminal activity according to Canada's criminal code. Fraud, drug trafficking, embezzlement, tax evasion.

Typical questions, nothing that really came off as a curve ball.

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they will ask a lot about shell scripting, linux command line usage, oracle 11g, network protocols, firewalls etc. And they need candidates to be able to investigate java exceptions to locate faulting class while doing RCA.

Phone interview: 1. What do you know about AML? 2. Why do you want this job? 3. What kind of reports are used in AML? (For financial institutions) 4. Who is our regulator? FINTRAC 5. What other organizations should be compliant under the regulator? In-person Case Interview: - After the case portion, they asked me some behavioural/open-ended questions: - What's a misconception about you? - Tell us a compelling reason why you're the best candidate for this position. - What are some positive and negative things your manager would say about you? - Why do you want to work here? - If you were given $1M to launder that money and you have to go through financial institutions, how would you do it? - Is there any last thing you want to contribute that would make you stand out among other candidates? (I think I messed this one up!) :(

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