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General questions regarding PI knowledge and experience.

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They are looking for people who have experience mainly, but I have the impression they would consider someone new to the industry, if everything else was positive. I was asked a few questions about what I would do in certain circumstances but the focus was mainly on assessing me as a person and whether I would be a fit for the company.

Do they drug test? Test for Cannabis?

They didnt test me for anything! But they certainly have policies regarding drug use and being fit to perform duties.

Describe the conduct of an investigative plan.

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The face to face assignment. You have 30 minutes and you are expect to know above 80% of the test in order to pass.

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They asked me some questions regarding my organizational skills, analysis skills, time management skills and problem solving skills. Communication and negotiation skills will also be tested in Q2 & Q4.

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Case study question

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Tell me about yourself.

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What are excel programs you have used?

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Scenario based

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