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On a demandé à Instructional Designer Intern...11 mai 2022

How do you go about designing presentations?

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I do it chronologically and/or logical order depending upon the situation. I also use the model I learned from another IT/experience design firm, Cognizant, which is 1. Tell them what you’re going to tell them, 2. Tell them, 3. Tell them what you’ve told them. Moins

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Pick out your favorite project in your portfolio and run through your design process.

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I started with the best project, and then eventually went through about three more full projects. I also showed some of my graphic design work. I made sure to emphasize the importance of storytelling and what my personal design process was. Moins

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-Why I left my previous job -Why I'm drawn to the position and company


Typical, "Describe a time when..." questions and some - just a few - technology and career-related questions, mainly revolved around applications used and procedures for design/development.


What do you like most about your current position?


Tell me about yourself and your resume


What would you do if your manager was younger than you? How do you work in a team?


What would you do if?


The interview questions were fine but the assignment wasn't well defined.


Tell me about...[specific role/ program]?

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