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Aspire Public Schools
On a demandé à un Instructional Assistant...23 juillet 2015

Name 3 strengths and 1 weakness. How would you create a rigorous learning environment?

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3 strengths: 1. take charge attitude 2. planning implementing reward/consequence systems 3. activity planning 1 weakness: overthinking things Moins

I would create assignments where students have to critically think about what they are learning and this is through story analysis, writing assignments, challenges to work quick and efficient Moins

3 strengths: 1. take charge attitude-offer assistance when it looks like it may be needed 2. organized and detail oriented-lesson plans done early, student behavior marks written down 3. planning activities-use internet and school materials to plan activities 1 weakness: overthink things-over worry about what needs to be done but it helps me get started quick to get it done faster and correctly create rigorous environment -have activities where students are timed. For example with my TK class last year, I set the timer on 5 minutes and we saw if we could keep the ball going for 5 minutes -have assignments where students need to think-for example each short story has a writing assignment based on it, older students do story analysis sheets -for harder material-have an incentive system to encourage work-for example with one student, I told him for each reading page he does with good concentration; sitting up straight, pointing with pencil, reading loud and clear, asking for help he receives a star Moins

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P2 Energy Solutions

I think it's inappropriate to ask applicants to donate two hours to an online assessment pre-interview, at the start of the interviewing process. It seems arrogant, and impersonal. I'd be fine with 20 minutes. Two hours is too much, and likely hurts P2's reputation with applicants.

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@Carbonate, in your original post, you state "This kind of tests beats any reference or experience ever" and you casually refer to "retards", "dumb people" and "the mentally and culturally limited". I think you meant to say "this kind of test" not "tests" and references to "retards", "dumb people", and the "mentally and culturally limited" are unprofessional, not to mention impolite. Statistically, it’s probable that one of your peers may have a developmentally disabled child, sibling, or other relative. So who hired you at P2, or are you in senior management there? Because, apparently the testing doesn't weed out bigots, loose cannons, and those who cannot use correct English grammar. On the other hand, an effective behavioral interview, along with a shorter version on the test, might. Moins

@Carbonate, apologies - I was not kind above. I just got a little bit p-d off at having to take a two hour test as part of a job application, really. Not sure what part I flunked, really, but I was not applying for an engineering position, so much of the test just annoying me. Maybe I was too honest on the cultural questions. Best of fortune to you. Moins

Heh - "annoyed me"

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Milestones Behavioral Services

What experience do you have working with children with special needs?

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Why are you interested in this position?

I was both an individual school nurse and Lead Nurse for the New Britain School District over the course of 15 years/ When I was in one school I had several special needs classes in my school/ During the summers I worked summer school special needs classes because they needed the consistency of the routine Moins

These children had ventilators, tube feedings, Foley catheters and multiple medications Moins

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USA Jobs

State your background?

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Professor of Psychology Dean of Instruction College President Contracting IT sPECIALTY Moins

I HAVE EXPERIENCE IN teaching technical subject matter in one or more related areas. Assists in reviewing and evaluating effectiveness of teaching methods and work activities. I can organizes, promotes, coordinates and conducts specific programs with individuals Moins

Core competencies and distinctive capabilities are based on a shared commitment to three core values -- integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. Moins

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Aspire Public Schools

My education, experience with students. What would I do with students with a behavior problem and "tell us a time" when you had a student behavior problem and a time when you and a coworker didn't agree.

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10 years private tutoring math/English elementary level, afterschool program instructor, class aide for both regular and special ed. This year there was a student who got in a fight with another student screamed at her that she was lying. I separated both students and had them draw out problem as they were 1st graders. I then asked each girl what happened. One girl said the other threw her paper on the floor. The other girl said it fell. I told the other girl that when the paper falls you politely tell he she dropped her paper which solved the problem. This year there was an aide who the lead teacher, myself and another aide felt wasn't doing his job. She told me to show him how to work with another student. He wasn't receptive to what I was saying and I told this to my supervisor when she asked. She said that I had to explain things to him so after she and the principal had a talk with him he did a lot better on the day he and myself managed the class together. Moins

last year I had several students with behavior problems. As an afterschool instructor I started by having a seating arrangement so the quieter and more noisy students are mixed together. I set some class rules and consequences when they weren't followed. First time is a time out for 5 min. 2nd time they miss a fun activity, 3rd time I talk to afterschool director. With one student who would walk out of class constantly and run around rather than listening, I found that having him sit in the back as an assigned seat was one effective way to get him to do his work. I also found that having him pick books and go read at his desk along with the rest of the class helped with maintaining class order while other students were still working. Having them sit away from class materials so they don't touch them during circle time was also effective. Soon the kid was sweeping the floor without being told. Moins

sometimes I worry about what needs to get done but that helps me get it done sooner so I don't have to keep worrying about it. Last year another aide and I didn't agree on a way to handle a difficult student. We managed to settle our differences by talking it out and were able to run the class together when the head teacher wasn't there. Moins

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Why do you want to work for Evolusent?

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The reason why I found this question difficult was because I was caught off guard. I thought the interview would really go over my experience, but a lot of it was based on my personality. Moins

The reason why is because i love being creative and working with a company that can help me develop my skills to it's full potential is the best way to go Moins

The reason why is because i love being creative and working with a company that can help me develop my skills to it's full potential is the best way to go Moins

MGM Resorts International

What would you do if.... (projector went down, lost power, computer froze, class got out of control, etc)

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Just be prepared with an answer like, "Don't panic. Be prepared to adjust to change quickly and with positivity and have your brain in gear to come up with a solution. And always lean towards safety, not risky, and whatever you do, put a positive spin on it. (Lights are out? Fantastic! It's not often we get to do our meeting outdoors! Perfect weather too! We will get you the facts you need to know today and then we will reschedule the greater part of this meeting for another day when the power is more cooperative!) Moins

1. If lights out - it's not going to work we still have to fhinish the class. Wait a few minutes and then ask everyone to stay seated if is really dark for safety's sake/ I call maintenance or custodian or collegue to find out whats going on so I can decide how to proceed 2.Computer locks up, I love computers, don't you -- Okay lets take a 15 minute break while I get this resolved. 3. Class out of control, Everyone lets get back on topic, we need to make it through this section and then we'll take a break. If there is a particular person who is disruptive then at the break I'll pull them aside and ask them to discuss their issues with me in private and to refrain from disruping the class or I'll have to ask them to leave. Moins

If your projector shut down don"t panic lost of power,and computer froze got out of control, The first thing you do check up the wiring regarding loss contact and loss connections. The second thing is to unplug your device for a few minutes and plug it again to back up again. Moins


What technologies have you used?

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Can you submit a portfolio of examples?

I have worked and Designed several types of devices used on automation systems. I would be able to explain more in person. I have worked for 3 automation companies and multiple Engineering firms. This has given me access to devices both in troubleshooting and design. Moins

I have used photo eyes , Proximity switches, reed switches, servo motors, Variable Frequency Drives, Level sensors, Pressure sensors, Temp sensors, control valves and many other devices. both in design and troubleshooting. Moins

AXIOM Sales Force Development

Tell me about your experience doing this sort of work.

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Depends company products quality & my work placing products retailers shops & good communication skills onwer. Moins

I showed some samples of my work - both e-learning modules and design plans.

Illinois Action for Children

How would you handle difficult co-workers?

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Treat everyone with respect.

I would try talking calmly and with a smile. Knowing we all need a little patience and understanding, i would try to work with them. Depending on the situation id have to call someone with higher authority to handle the situation. Moins

There is nothing under the sun that cannot be approached, talked about, explored, expressed most specially WITH COMPASSION. Having to communicate with a "difficult co-worker" in itself is a label that is tinged with a challenge and rather it is better to see co-associates as a person having difficulties instead. Having commonalities, humor and light-hearted approach always works best or "easier" any situations to start with and while listening to their side is of utmost importance. However, to listen and to encourage them to express their "difficulties" without having to input compassion and replacing it with encouraging solutions would only exacerbate his/her situation. Moins

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