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Nextep Systems
On a demandé à un Systems Installer...6 février 2018

Concerned about my being over-qualified for position, was asked if I understood pay scale and job responsibilities. Wondered if I might get bored with the work.

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I replied that I knew about the salary range, that this position is exactly what I am looking for, is an extension of what I do now, because it encompasses the type of IT Support I love to provide the most, face-to-face interaction with my customer base, systems setup/configurations, training, etc. The manager seemed to accept that answer. (My recruiter told me that the company was advised of my current salary before the interview was even set up, so I was led to believe that it was not an issue. In retrospect, I believe that somebody dropped the ball, did not pass on my salary requirements, and that this company is looking for cheap labor. You get what you pay for!!) Moins

Be glad you did not get offered the position. There are companies that want people who want to work. This company does not like go getters at all and there is no leadership. Moins

Thanks, anonymous, you are absolutely correct! I am so glad that I did not give up my current employment where I am at least appreciated for my hard work. If salary and lack of room for growth were not an issue, I would stay right where I am at. Moins


How I feel about heights?

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how much does the pay start at?

It's not heights it widths.


What is your drive to keep showing up to work.

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Providing for my family and making sure they are taken care of as well as possible. Moins

Pep Boys

Were do I see myself in 5 years

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Becoming A.S.E certified and obtaining a degree in business management


Aviation Partners Boeing

current role

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i work as an assembler

Prime Controls

If safety was my first priority or if that's not a priority of mine.

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I gave him that look and said I hope is safety because safety always comes first. Moins

What kind of drug testing did they preform Hair or Urine?

WC Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing

Why do you Want to work here

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I have read a lot about your company and feel it is a great place to retire

I have read a lot about ure company and i feel it is a great place to grow and retire Moins


Can you work 10-7 tue through sat.

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Uhmmm.... I guess. No home life with this shift but i guess take it or leave it.

be prepared to work alot, and various shifts. no more 8 to 5 mon thru fri. late shift and weekends. they actually think noon to a great shift Moins

Arey Jones Educational Solutions

Have you any experience

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I just started school. Not much. But quick to learn.

I applied at the same company but in san diego and the guy who called me said you have interview tomorrow computer repair do do you believe that they gonna make me repair computer ls of they gonna make me stuck packaging lol Moins

ITC Service Group

What color are the pair that's always in the middle of a network cable?

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Blue/Blue white


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