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On a demandé à un Installation Technician...2 juin 2016

What you will do with rude customer

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Try and calm them down...Calmly Apologize for how they are feeling, let them know you are trying yo help listen to their concerns ie..what they are angry about, not the tone of their voice or the flowery words used around their explanation and at that point address the issue...it's either going to be one of 3 things...it's something you can help them with....it's something they or you will need to seek managerial advise/approval or its a no...then calmly explain as much as you'd like to be able to do that you can't and offer what you can do...and give them the choice of if they will accept whatever it is you are offering or not.. then go on with life from there....never ever get loud or irate back to the customer. ..you are representin the company. ...if they continue to escalate...ask them please do not speak to me like that. And if they continue to do so let them know you do not have to tolerate abuse and you will either leave or they will need to leave and come back when they are calner or that you will hang up if they continue in that matter. Then proceed accordingly...leave, hang up...call security or the police if they wont stop and won't leave Moins

There's nothing you can do after this point. Hr told me it's all about when they have enough people to start training etc etc. i applied April 12, had my interview may 12, received the good emails and still nothing yet Moins

Same with me I'm waiting since 26 of May , so this email about the good news mean at least you guarantee for sure you being selected and it's all matters of time?? Moins

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What are some things you know about DirecTV?

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Recently bought out by AT&T, generates $10M in revenue every year, and #1 television provider in the US. Moins

I know they are snakes in the grass that are pros at Micromanagement.

I know their former CEO sold them out and then retired.

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What is your philosophy on safety in the workplace?

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Safety is my #1 priority. I don't want the company to get into trouble because of a mistake on my part. I never try to be the "hero" for the sake of getting a job done faster. Moins

That was the best suck arse answer I have ever heard. That's why you got hired. Hero Moins

Safety means doing whatever the micromanagers rules are my fella


Tell me about a time where you had to deal with an upset customer, what did you do to resolve the situation?

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You won't comp a bill at Directv buddy. You will be canned. This ain't your moms restaurant. This is a corporate joke. Moins

Told a story of a VIP guest who was extremely upset with the service at my restaurant. Comped the bill, provided a free appetizer, and gave them a coupon for a discount on their next visit. Moins

I told them to go to another provider so we don't have to deal with your BS

Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical

Do you know what a micron is?

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A unit of measurement for the vacuum process. Example 500 microns in the minimum requirement for a deep vacuum. Moins

The second name of measureme microns


Would you rather five 8 hour days or four 10 hour days?

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This question is really just to see your availability and if you're picky about your schedule. I would say pick whichever you want but clarify that it doesn't really matter. Moins

I love to work and finish even with a bit of pressure, so 10 hrs, 4 days will be fine, but nonetheless even an 8 hrs 5 days schedule will also be fine with me. Moins

Prince Telecom

you have 2 odd shaped beat up bottles, one holds 5 gallons, the other hold 3 gallons,... you are to take water from the Faucet... and fill a basin with Precisely Seven Gallons ... how would you accomplish that...

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too many variables for me to decide the answer you seek, you could fill the 3 gallon, pour into 5 gallon... and mark the level for 2 gallons remaining( but you said nothing about marking tools) fill the 5 gallon to top pour into basin the first 2 gallons, refill 5 gallon, and pour all into basin... or you could ask why if it is so important for accuracy did this company not give me better measuring equipment., Moins

This isn't all that hard. You fill the five gallon. Then pour that into the three gallon. This leaves two gallons in the five gallon jug. Pour that into the basin, then pour in another five gallons. Seven gallons. Moins


Where do you live?

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Chances are the person you were talking to wasn't around at that time. Very few of us were. Moins


What makes you the ideal candidate for this position?

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Because I love being micromanaged all day every day. Doesn't that make me a perfect minion for you Mr Big Bonus Moins

With my customer service and construction background I feel that I merge the two sides perfectly. Moins

Can you lift 50 pounds or more working throughout the day.

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Well, I am in fact a grown man. I certainly hope I can lift 50 pounds or more.

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