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Holt CAT
On a demandé à un Inside Sales Representative...13 avril 2018

How old are you?

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Clearly this person is a teenager.


Define “old”.

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why did you leave your previous company?

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Looking for good opportunity and new environment.

Your office allow me to work from home.

Currently I'm a fresher

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I was quite offended when they spent an hour questioning me about my core beliefs, values, and experience, and then left me time for 1 question before letting me know they had another meeting. Very unprofessional especially after they tell that the interview process is a 2-way street and the candidate is interviewing the company and vice versa.

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No reply just left - would not work there

As a Sales Manager at Netsertive I will take full responsibility for this. We do believe in the 2 way nature of interviewing and try hard to leave time for questions even in the very first in person interview. Sorry it did not work out that way in your particular case. Please don't hesitate to contact me directly with any other feedback or questions. Moins

Have to agree with Anonymous. The one sided interview process is an indicator of the work experience. Explains the churn and burn of staff there - especially in sales. Salaries are below market, benefits are expensive, but you'll get tons of t-shirts you don't want or need. This is a great place to gain entry level experience, unfortunately they expect developed skills at their salaries. I wish them luck, but this late in the game, they should have sold already. Moins

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Tell me about a time you had a problem with a co-worker you couldn't solve?

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...well, for the time I couldn't resolve the problem, and it didn't affect my work performance and I was able to execute my work duties regardless the relationship with my peers workers, eventually the problem would dissolve and solve itself. If there was ever an issue I couldn't solve after timeless energy put into resolving said issue(s), with one of the executives or owner(s), it eventually affected the execution of the company because I was positioned in a leadership position, and prove to be counterproductive, which in turn, would force me to resign, if I wasn't fired first, to keep from being a liability to the company instead of an asset. Moins

There are no problems that can't be resolved or ignored, with the proper approach between the parties. Therefore, if the unresolved problem exist and it isn't relevant to the objective of the company, then it doesn't exist. Moins

...I was appointed Bar Manager and hadn't had a chance to introduce myself to everyone, yet. I could hear some of the chatter made by a few employees about certain preferences they were going to have, regardless of who the Bar Manager was. Some preferences mentioned were so contrary to what I considered building a comfortable, "team oriented", transparent environment with certain standards that were already set prior to/upon my hiring, that I had to speak on the comments when it was my time to speak. We agreed to disagree, mainly because I had anything to say, at all, which resulted in them not furthering their application and me setting a standard conducive to effective customer service and able to meet the company objective. Moins

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UPS Canada

Why sales?

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Already done this job

Need a job

Iam good sales representatives

Remote Ocean Systems

What experience do you have in creating product production schedules?

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That company is a big joke. I'm surprised they are still in business

Tell Bob you like fish.

Newark Electronics

Tell me about a time when you faced great opposition in the work place.

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Tell me about a difficult problem you experienced in the workplace and how you handled it. Moins

I had a nurse in front of a room full of dementia patients seriously yell down a Long hallway to me say “ Rhonda so do you have Covid-19 symptoms? ( laughing)” I was shocked at her behavior! I went to try to explain to her how that wasn’t a good idea and when met with opposition I did the only other ting I was permitted to do I spoke to her supervisor. Moins

You don't want to work there.in transition as they were just sold

Modern Marketing & Commerce

any sales experience

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Yes cosmatic sales exprince


No prumlum


What's the difference between B2B and B2C?

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Business 2 Business Business 2 Customer

Something between a week or two, I don't remember exactly. I think it may vary case by case Moins

How long did they take to call you for the skype interview?

UL Solutions

Every question is standardized. They ask a lot of questions that contain questions within the questions. Example: Name a time that you encountered a coworker who was unexpectedly upset over a mistake that you had made. Did you agree with their complaint? What would you do differently next time, and what is your opinion about the situation looking back now?

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I used very specific examples from jobs listed on my resume. I also made sure to pause and make sure I understood each question asked - I even had them repeat it a few times. After I had accepted the job, I received feedback that pausing and asking to restate questions was "very impressive" Moins

Didn’t mean to put a negative there. I’m on the Glassdoor app and it did not let me finish reading your answer. Thought that would show me the rest of your answer. Moins


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