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Twin America
On a demandé à un Inside Sales and Guest Service Agent...9 avril 2015

When can you start?

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Red Ventures

The interview itself is very, very simple. The most difficult part is the mock sales script and role-playing, especially if you don't have any experience in sales (which I didn't).

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You get the script in an email before the interview. I recommend practicing it and going over it with someone before you go to the interview, and write on it. They'll like to see that you've put in some effort. Ask questions about the script before you go into the role play aspect... and make sure that you are 'coachable' This company is not going to hire you unless they know they can criticize and fix whatever they deem necessary to make you the sales person they want you to be, and the minute you appear to not take any of their teaching to heart and are not immediately using it on your calls... they will make your life miserable. (They will listen to all of your calls, and pull you off the phones and coach and coach and coach you.) Moins

Lyon Stahl Investment Real Estate

What gets you up in the morning and excited about your day?

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Hard work, knowing that I am going to do everything I can to better myself and take one step closer to succeeding and achieving my goals. Moins

Phone Animal

So you have any experience in this field?

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No, I don't.

AAA Texas

There were about 350 questions on the assessment

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Don't answer honestly if you want this job. Answer how a typical pushy hunter shove products/services down the customer's thought kind of person would answer. And Good Luck Moins

Zedd Customer Solutions

They ask you a scenario question, asking you to sell them a product over the phone. They asked me to sell him the BlackBerry Z10 on the Rogers network.

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They act like they are not interested in the product and make it a hard sell. The goal is to close the sale or get close. Moins


Generic STAR format questions. Give me a time you had to deal with a tough client and how did you deal with it?

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I have been doing account management and sales for 20 years. I think I can handle these generic questions in my sleep. Not good questions for a seasoned person in the field. If I was overqualified an email to tell me would be nice. it won't hurt my feelings.... I promise. Moins

Bankers Life

What are you looking for in this job?

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I expressed that I wanted to help people and have a fairly steady schedule that was day shift. Moins


Why should we hire you?

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You should hire me because I am willing to offer my time and commit myself in achieving the goals of the company. Moins

Conversion Monster

What is your experience in real estate?

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I am a licensed realtor, looking to gain experience on the social aspect of a realtor Moins

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