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You are at a security/privacy conference and encounter a high level manager from one of the Big Banks. He/she wishes to know, based on your expertise, what privacy issues are most pressing and how you would go about addressing them.

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Make sure to address issues from both a technical and social point of view.

Query Base for Exchange 2010 Single Item Recover.

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How big were the networks that you supported?

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What do you dislike about your current or last job?

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WHAT IS YOUR AGE??? - A totally prohibited ground in HR context.

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Why would you like to find an intern job? What did you do with Python?

It was a long time ago, but one thing I do remember is the Supervisor of the position asking me who I'd help first: a student, an instructor, or herself as my boss. I answered "student" which was incorrect for her; my first priority was to be my boss! Other questions were behavioural-type interview questions.

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