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On a demandé à un Independent Contractor...16 octobre 2020

have you ever made deliveries before

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Yes! I delivered for Uber Eats for awhile.

Also I deliver with DoorDash and been working in the warehouse field for over 7years Moins

Yes I have made deliveries. I work for Doordash.

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Why do you want to work for Ultius?

3 réponses

I love this company. Professional, but not stuffy. I love to write and learn.

I want to grow with a positive company, I am quite sure I will be an awesome addition to the team Moins

I said something about enjoying learning and writing and this being a great opportunity to do both. Moins


If I asked you to lay a line of pennies between here (the hotel) and the airport how many would you need and how would you work it out?

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They probably wanted this reasoned out a bit. A penny is .75 inches, however to make the math more simple you should probably say half an inch (.5). Let say the hotel is 3 miles away, there is 5,280 feet in a mile so 3 X 5,280 = 15840. Convert to inches would be 15840 X 12 = 190080. Since a penny is half an inch (approx) you have two pennies for every inch. So 2 X 190080 = 380160. Moins

I would suggest my time would be better used doing a more valuable, strategic task for the company. Frankly, it doesn't matter how many pennies it would take. Moins

Find out the distance between the hotel and the airport, measue the width of the penny and then divide the larger figure by the smaller figure Moins

Amazon Flex

What make/model of vehicle do you have?

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I filled in my vehicle make/model (SUV), and am now able to accept longer delivery blocks that pay more. Moins

Kia Sorento/ 2012 suv

2011 Kia Sorento suv a

Have I drove doubles before

2 réponses

Yes I drove doubles for 9 years

Yes for 6 years double flat bed

Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute

Why are you concerned with employee moral and health when it isn't important to us?

2 réponses

HR at Lovelace is NOT there to protect employees in any way, they are there to protect the company and the people at the top. If protecting an employee happens while they are protecting the company then it is nothing more than coincidence. HR does NOT follow company policy when doing so may harm the company in any way. Moins

This facility is landlocked on an AFB, and the employees are overworked, under-trained (or no training at all) and stressed out. There is no-where for them to eat but in the cafeteria in the facility. They deserve decent food because they are human beings. Moins


Why do you want to work from home?

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I am very flexible on time ,now this gives me something do when those nights that I cant sleep I be earning and helping someone and this would be new for me that just move to Alabama new surroundings and new work environment Moins

Because I want total flexibility in my schedule. I want to be able to work when I want without restriction. I want to be able to work the graveyard shift if I want or start working at 6am if I choose to. The choice is totally up to me. Moins

Coreview (New York)

Do yous see yourself working Monday through Saturday, 11A-8PM? Do you feel comfortable with going D2D, speaking with people? Do you want to rapidly advance within the company? Is working for commission OK with you? General Q's about my resume.

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What is the first room you would start to clean? Why?

2 réponses

I would start with the bedroom working my way to the The kitchen

The kitchen! It takes a long time to clean.

I Dial U

Tell us about your work experience.

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I told them my work experience and how my skill set is a positive contribution to the company. Moins

I've been self employed in the telecommunications field several times, self starter, myti tasker, learn fast, and don't know a stranger. I learn very fast a great problem solver Moins

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