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ZOBELE Holding
On a demandé à un Assistant Manager – Export/Import...31 mars 2018

Related to the job requiremnts

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More on the logistic and import export profile


What is your weakest trait?

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Baird Group

Very standard. Discussion about my management style, past leadership experiences etc

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I used examples of past experiences to highlight how I might approach situations


How would You handle an angry customer

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Tell them, we're prioritizing their issue and working to get it resolved as quickly as possible Moins


At the in person interview there was no structure at all, it was simply a chat. The conversation started with being asked why I was in the industry and going through my accomplishments and duties listed on the resume. After the initial conversation starter, they just listened and carried on a casual conversation. - It became apparent that I was a bit overqualified for the role - the actual duties listed on the job description were not particularly accurate to what I'd be doing. The interviewer seemed very friendly, but probably didn't pose any real questions to me because they could see I was overqualified and would not be happy in the role. There was no "management" in the role and it was a lower level job (pay, responsibility) than described in the job placement advertisement and that the job title listed would suggest.

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Being free to say what I wanted, I just tried to illustrate my skills and accomplishments. Moins

The interview questions were related to my 25 years of experience related to Liaising, my nature of job, government department s which i have dealt.

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Jay Joshua

how many hours to you want to work?

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Empire Resources

Tell us about your experience? Strengths and weaknesses.

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i explained my experience and one weakness


Cite specific chapters of the Code of Federal Regulations.

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May I refer to the CFR's? (NO!)

Global Logistical Connections

What can I offer to the company if I was selected

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Talking about my different qualities and how could impact in a very positive way the performance of the company Moins

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