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Richie Rich Services
On a demandé à un HVAC Technician...5 septembre 2016

Did I speak spanish

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Yes I speak

Little conversational

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ARS-Rescue Rooter

When can you start?

2 réponses

I have other interviews that I would like to hear out.

i’m relocating to florida in a month

Jones Lang LaSalle

When I could start and how much I was making from my previous employer.

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I have them the answers they had asked for or I would not of been hired.

I can startwhen you need and in my previous employer not much


Can you deal with a demanding environment?

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You haven't met my wife have you?

Yes, I can! My step kids are artsstic!

Al-Futtaim Group

Wher hv u work befor and wt types if A/C u worked and how much do u hv an experience in this field etc.

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Saudi Arabia

Very smoothly and very honestely.asked about Wher u worked in district cooking plants operating chillers tk reading of all chemical sizing etc. Moins


How many jelly beans fit in a car?

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"how big is the car"

1 million jellybeans

how much gallon per minute of water is required for one ton ?

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2.4 gallon per minute as per ashrae

Advanced Air

They asked me hoe my driving record was.

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I told them I had not had any tickets in quite a few years.

Advanced Air

Do I have any experience on Water cooled heat pumps or Chillers?

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I explained I had no experience on Chillers at all and I had only worked on a water cooled heat pump a couple times ever. Moins

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