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On a demandé à un HVAC Apprentice...20 octobre 2016

Cant remember them all. How did you learn about us? What are your strengths and weaknesses? How/ what from your previous job has prepared you for a career in Hvac?

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Honestly, which is not always the right answer.

Because I was personally referred by a relative that already worked there, there was very little standard questioning. The boss mainly wanted to meet me and make sure I understand the basic idea of the job and that I would receive on-the-job training and see how things went from there.

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Although pay was not discussed during the interview, I was started at $9.00/hr since I was a young trainee without prior experience but the pay did increase quite a bit from there and those who are journeymen can receive rather healthy compensation with time and skill. Moins

Johnson Controls

Would you take risks in solving a problem.

Kalos Services

What is your past experience?

General Mills

An example would be, identify a time when you were part of group and tasked with solving a problem and didn't agree with the solution. How did you handle this and what was the outcome?

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