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No Difficult questions or unexpected questions Recruiter really didn't seem to know what to ask CEO stated he was having a problem bringing in seasoned people - I can understand why

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Have heard other people interviewing with this company have experienced the same scenerio. Recruiter very haphazard on getting back to candidates Too bad really Seems to be a bunch of good people but no real focus

What to you dislike about your present role?

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Describe a project that you lead where there was a significant strategic component that you worked on.

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They made it very clear that in order to progress a HR career here, you would have to relocate from Vancouver to Edmonton in the future.

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For restaurant management positions FAB likes to ask questions surrounding on guest service and driving business.

The most difficult question was whether or not you have been put in a situation where your teammates/friends were doing something you knew was wrong and how you handled it.

Tell me about your background

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