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On a demandé à Human Resources Intern...31 mars 2013

Explain a situation where you have to use your creativity?

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I don't have much work related so I say something happened at school

When there was a lack of communication that week between management and myself which caused a catastrophic overlapping schedule issue with second stage interviews and orientations. I myself having been the admin, recruiter, and HR team member was right there front and centre while people poured through the door and management was about to leave for a scheduled conference call. It was at that moment my professionalism, creativity, and patience was truly tested- if ever in my career. Moins


Explain your Prior Relevant Work Experience.

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I have passed diploma in textile technology 3yrs course.Am 15yrs experience in garment quality inspection in buying house and Direct inspection in superdry.well known AQL inspection, compliance auditing and factory evaluation etc. Moins

Previous experience in fabric and R & D department in garment field.

Hoe do you expect the task you are going to work ?

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I want to learn how do I handle recruitment and many relevant tasks


Nothing like that , Just Need Basics and Practicality, rest will be Taught by time as you struggle to sustain in The Job

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Yes Or No

First Investors Financial Services

What major event occurred in the 1940s?

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Great Depression

Success Academy Charter Schools

There wasn't anything really difficult questions. All standard questions.

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what kind of questions were you asked? Did you have to demonstrate anything?

Based on the other reviews maybe the interviewer who spoke to me was just not good. Moins


are you ok if this job is unpaid

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definitely. what I care is to learn things. it has nothing to do with the money considering I'm new in HR field. Moins

ING Vysya Bank

No difficult question was asked during my interview. But they are looking at your confidence, communication skills & convincing skills.

Pretend City Children's Museum

Why did you pick Pretend City? Why did you pick HR?

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Can't remember the difficult questions, so I just pick the ones I remember.

ProMed Personnel

What made you want to go into this field?

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I feel they already wanted me to intern at their office because they were short of interns, they look at your resume to decide if they want to interview you. The interview is really for them to see how you present yourself. Moins

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