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Utah Transit Authority
On a demandé à Train Host...7 avril 2016

How do you handle stressful situations. give us an example of a disagreement with a customer or co worker and how you resolved the issue.

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With kindness, patiences and understanding. Let the individual know the rules. Listen to what their issues are and let them know we want to help them the best way we can. Moins

I have had a customer that would try to bring back food that had been donated to them , and try to get money out of it. I had to explain it was store rules we could not do a refund with out a recipt. They were unhappy but we all have to follow rules. Moins

I listen to them and what in upseting them, and kindly tell them I'm sorry but we all must live by the same rules. Moins

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The Texican Cafe

What kind a position you looking for?

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Any available work for buster?

Any opening work

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Great Western Railway

What would you bring to the company.

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My love of customer service, hard working ethos, motivation and ambition to progress within the company. Moins

Read what you are sent. They say they will send you a travel pass.

Anon your comment is very helpful after 2 years. Maybe these days they do make this clear regarding the travel pass but certainly didn't the. If you want to go on what they say - They also said I would be first to be offered the role I was initially after i successfully passed all interview stages once they recruited for the role again: That was 2 years ago. Two interviews one job offer no job and £100 fine and waste of my time. It is what it is. Moins

Chili's Grill and Bar

Are you in school?

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I'm not currently in school.

I'm not currently in school.


Walt Disney Company

Are you okay to proceed with the Disney Look guidelines?

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Sesame Place

If you were on a stranded island, what 3 things would you bring and why?

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is there a drug test

My group said a flare gun, food and water, and a tent.

Great Western Railway

What could you bring to the role?

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Bring to the job a duty of care (support ,care , helpfulness and respect ) because the customers keep the company going. Also follow procedures, be dedicated and loyal, be a good team player and enjoy your job Moins

We need to have motivation like customer all ways right and customer all ways important Moins

13 years customer facing interaction with customers in retail and railway operations. Have worked for major supermarkets , volunteer on GWSR and work for Arriva Trains. Know how to interact with people, how to help them, different ticket types, timetables etc Moins

what do you feel is your best asset?

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My strength

My best asset is my strength


Red Lobster

what does hospitality mean to you?

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Hospitality to me means greeting each and every guest in a warm welcoming manner and making sure all of their needs are taken care of. Moins

To me hospitality means being friendly no matter what while also making sure they have all their needs, But mostly hospitality means treating everyone as family no matter what thats what hospitality means to me. Moins

hospitality to me means greeting each and every guest in a warm welcoming manner and making sure all of their needs are taken care of. Moins

Universal Studios

What is your favorite movie?

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when did you apply?

I applied May 20

True romance

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