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Vulcan Materials
On a demandé à un Heavy Equipment Operator...15 juillet 2022

Have you ever operated heavy equipment

1 réponses

Yes sir I have lol

The Bouchier Group

What does safety mean to you!

Rummel Construction, Inc.

How do you handle an employee that isn’t pulling their weight?


Do you have a background in this type of work?

Teck Resources

Willing to locate in the area and work 12 hour 4 on 4 off with nightshift.

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Answered positively and talked about the willing news to live in the area.

RSG Forest Products

How well do you know how to operate a planer?

1 réponses

Very Well.

Hoopaugh Grading

How long I have been running equipment.


Asked about which equipment and seat seat time

Wright Brothers Construction Company

What equipment can you operate? Do you have transportation to work?

1 réponses

yes, I see at least 3 vehicles that I can operate.

Hoopaugh Grading

How much experience in heavy equipment do you have?

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