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Brown & Root Industrial Services
On a demandé à un Heavy Equipment Operator...1 juillet 2019

What is the most important thing about your job

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To complete the task at hand as safely and efficient as possible. While as hearing to policy and procedures Moins

Complete my work safety and timely

Not effect any loss for company and employees

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River Metals Recycling

Why do you want to work here?

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Looking for a place that haves more opportunity for me to move up.

I moved into the area about 2 years ago , current company I'm with dozens,t have the hours I. Need to make my bills. You looked liked what I,m looking for in a company. Stedy growth an the hours would work in my gayer also. Moins

I am currently employed but I’m not at all happy with the income!


What equipment have you ran?

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Can run everything. Not super good with grader yet

What are you most familiar with

Phillips & Jordan

What are your capabilities

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I’ve ran heavy equipment for over 12 years I can run anything from a dozer excavator backhoe skid loader’s you name it If I can run it if not give me about 15 minutes I’ll figure it out Moins


Do you have any mining experience?

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Yes I have mining experience

Yes two years

What equipment i could operate. And how much experience i had .

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I said i have 30 plus years in operating different equipment.

I can operate several different machines have graduated from Nevada school of construction I’ve layed Colvert set pipe and grade using laser and string also using transit to set grade on several different projects school parking arrangements round abouts on highways have also dug and set water and sewer for very large camp grounds and graduated strait A from Nevada school of construction thank you Moins

Can I run a backhoe.

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Western States Reclamation

What equipment do you operate?

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Flatiron Construction

Are you okay with working night shift as needed.

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Yes, I have worked shift work before and enjoyed it.

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