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US Department of Defense
On a demandé à un Supervisor Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic...23 juillet 2019

What would you do if someone came in late, then what if they continue?

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First instance I would give them verbal counseling, second time I would gradually increase the level of punishment to (MFR) Memorandum for Record, and increase with each incident (LOC) - Letter of Counseling, (LOA) etc... but at the second incident I would ask question to make sure that the individual does have any unseen reasoning for being late. I would suggest getting a second alarm clock, asking a friend or wing-man to check on you in the morning, I would make them aware of all the base services available to them for assistance like family advocacy, chapel, or suggesting maybe they should make a doctor appoint to make sure they dont have sleep issues or sleep apnea. I would make my supervisor and first sergeant aware after the second time, in case they have to elevate the issue. Moins


What is your experience in the Army?

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I name only few of the vehicles I have worked on.


How much experience I had

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More than 10 yrs on numerous brands


Would you be willing to be away from your family for extended periods of time?

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I was in the military, I understand what being away is


background and security

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the difficult to answer the unexpected question is the salary negosation

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is this include to your question?

Bison Transport


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Gave them all they needed.


BasicTechnical questions & experience.


What is your current salary

They asked me about my experience.

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