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On a demandé à un Healthcare Business Analyst...2 août 2020

Tell me about a time when you had to use your problem-solving skills. What is something you dislike about a supervisor? What attracted you to this position?

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How about the technical questions ?

Fresco Informatics

I was asked about whether I could do lead generation and follow up on existing leads. As I had no background in sales, this was an unexpected question.

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I answered saying that I wil need some guidance initially as I had never done this before Moins

Florida Blue

How would you predict the probability of stopping at a yellow light?


Perche interessato al settore healthcare

UnitedHealth Group

Provided a set of technical questions around SQL and data management.


Interview was not that difficult. Prepare HL7 & US Healthcare well.

Florida Blue

Read an article, and tell us what data you would need to extract to “side” with this article (trade school vs college)


Business Alanlysis Process?

PRGX Global

There wasn't hard question. They need someone and trying to understand if person capable enough to do the job. Very detailed background check, requires all the past document which was a hassle to gather.

Florida Blue

If you had a ted talk, what would it be on.

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