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Questions d'entretiens à Guwahati

Entretiens d'embauche chez Zaloni à Guwahati /  Siège social: Durham

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Entretiens d'embauche chez Wipro à Guwahati /  Siège social: Bengaluru, IN

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Entretiens d'embauche chez Vantage Circle à Guwahati /  Siège social: New Delhi

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be frank! there is no need to show-off

Is ISRO conducting campus interviews in all IITs? If not, which IITs ISRO is preferring? What branches/specialisations they are looking for? Are they recruiting only B.Tech. graduates? Are M.Tech. and Ph.D. students eligible to attend campus interviews? What is the eligibility CGPA/CPI/Percentage? Thank you.

Why do u want to change your present job so fast?

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What is ADDC?

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Why you choose this Bank?

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why do people buy insurance???

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the timed graph and table data based questions

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- Tell me something about yourself? - Why IT? - Why Capgemini? - Where do you see yourself 5/10 years from now?

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as you r from it field how will you sell flats in realstate?

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If you love your current employment so much then why do you want to leave it?

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