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On a demandé à un Group Sales Manager...15 novembre 2022

They asked about previous experience and how I would be described by friends and family.

Remington Hotels

They asked me about my experience, how I would handle a certain situation and what I'm looking for.

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I walked them through my resume, I must have answered the scenario to their approval and I told them that I was looking for a place where I can connect with my clients. Not just a "ticket taker". Moins

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How would you spend your first few weeks at the company?

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General accountability questions in regards to sales personnel.

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How many sales direct reports do you have?

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How often do you interview for new sales hires?

Stevens Point Area Convention & Visitor Bureau

Describe a past supervisor or your ideal supervisor.

Walt Disney Company

Describe your 3 best qualities which make you the perfect fit for this role.

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Not very well, I had mentally checked out of the interview by that stage!


Q1. How do you determine the cloud migration strategy for any organisation ? Q2: What are the ratios to consider while planning an FTE model for Cloud Managed services ? Q3: Name a few pricing models for offering cloud managed services.


What from your previous roles do you think will help you sell this property?

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