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On a demandé à un Group Sales Manager...17 mai 2009

A customer comes in to return a sweater without a receipt (still has tags) and refuses a store credit or exchange because she paid cash and wants cash back. She is frustrated and threatening to never ever come back to Macy's again even though she's shopped here for decades. The sweater is priced $24.99. Would you refund the customer in cash or explain Macy's return policy again and let her walk away?

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If that is the correct answer, I'm glad I don't own Macy's. If the customer is a loyal shopper, she'll understand the store policy reflects an effort to reduce theft. I would explain this policy and the reason behind it (no receipt means no proof that she didn't shoplift the product, but I wouldn't mention such for risk of inadvertently implying that she was guilty of theft). I would remind the customer that her credit will be available to her immediately and she was welcome to select another sweater or product/item of her choosing. Regardless, I wouldn't refund cash without a receipt. Moins

By the way, I answered this question incorrectly and also said I would not refund in cash and just continue to offer store credit. That's not the answer they are looking for. I was told the correct answer (as I listed above) by the interviewer. Macy's has done their research and a customer will continue to shop at their store if they feel their customer service issues are recognized and resolved. If a customer service issue is ignored or denied they will just shop somewhere else (in addition to that they will tell their friends and family not to shop at Macy's). Department stores are a dying breed in a world where Walmart and Target reign supreme and customer loyalty is what keeps these stores in business! Moins

I agree that the cash is returned in this case--the sweater is $24.99. Of course, reiterate the store policy but developing customer loyalty is what will keep department stores in business. Moins

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Pyramid Hotel Group

What is my best practice for earning new clients?

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Never tell the client what they need, always offer options and most importantly respond quickly. Moins

HEI Hotels & Resorts

Describe something negative about yourself/ a time when you made a mistake.

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I gave an example along with the steps I'm taking to improve.

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

What are your career aspirations?

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I intend to travel with this career.

Vacation Myrtle Beach

Why should we hire you?

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I drove three hours to get here today, because I want to be here. Between my experience and passion, I believe I am the right candidate for this position. Hospitality is everything to me. I did not blindly choose this career. I chose hospitality, because I love doing it every day. Moins

Bass Pro Shops

Tell me about yourself without mentioning your work history.

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Pretty simple, tell them about your family, hobbies, etc. I'm sure mentioning about outdoor hobbies is what they are asking for. Moins

Bass Pro Shops

Tell me about your work history, career, ambitions and why you applied for this position.

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Know your resume and be honest.

Talking Stick Golf Club

Training and experience

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I told them about my experience and training involved throughout my career.


Discuss your experience

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Detailed my experience

Walt Disney Company

Describe your 3 best qualities which make you the perfect fit for this role.

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Not very well, I had mentally checked out of the interview by that stage!

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