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On a demandé à un Grocery Third Manager...1 mai 2017

What makes you qualify for this position.

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I've been in customer service and management positions all my life, I worked in the position at a prior job. Moins

Personable customer relations, developed business acumen, and willingness to keep learning Moins

Big Y Foods

Give a situation where you provided superior customer service.

Giant Eagle

Talk about a time where you and your crew failed to get all your work done.

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They were looking for a recovery story. So feel free to really show how messed up things were, then shift gears and focus on how your recovery was creative/unique to you. Moins

Piggly Wiggly

Can you handle the work load

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Albertsons Companies

What was your best and worst restaurant experience.

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I told them even though this has zero to do with the job applied to.

Food Lion

Tell us about your last inventory, waste control, and labor control?

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Told them how good my inventory was, how I controlled waste from missing up the profits of the store, and how I controlled labor. Moins

Food Lion

Have you ever disagreed with how your boss did something, what did you dov

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Went with the flow. There is 10,000 ways to do one thing

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage

What do you consider world class customer service?

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Do you have trouble disciplining others?


Due to my experience, it was easy

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Sprouts Farmers Market

Do you know about inventory and price changes?

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At my current job, regular store associates learn how to do everything. We are managers without the manager pay. So yes, I know how to do inventory and price changes and I do them often. Moins

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