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Brawn Media
On a demandé à un Graphic Designer/Web Developer...26 juin 2017

My experience in graphic design

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While I hadn't designed in quite a few years, as my last employment was front end development only, I was anxious and excited to learn more about design and get back into a more create role. Moins


What is my overall experience and confidence in terms of skill-level? What's the earliest I can start? What are your weak points?

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I basically explained that I've done a lot of freelancing for clients, and I worked part time with a studio near Duncan for a short period. I've been freelancing for 5 years, and I could have started immediately. My weak points are standing desks and coffee breaks (I'll sleep when I die) Moins

Med One Group

Basic behavioral questions / repeat behavioral questions for 4 interviews straight

Riverside Community Health Foundation

What is your design process?

Riverside Community Health Foundation

Are you familiar with HTML/CSS and Front-End Websites? What software programs have you used?

Riverside Community Health Foundation

What is your favorite brand and why?


Are you familiar with WordPress?

Riverside Community Health Foundation

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Riverside Community Health Foundation

What software programs are you familiar with?

What all skills do you have and how do you use them on a day-to-day basis?

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